Our Version of Groundhog Day for just $1.00

This is our bizarre story about our battle with groundhogs which were digging under our heat-in-the-floor building.  It is just $1 to give you the opportunity to learn how farmers and equestrians consider this animal a potential pest.  We considered this critter a real threat to the welfare of our building.  Included is the research we conducted in the process of our battle to learn more about the life and habits of our enemy to gain an advantage in our struggle to protect our building. **********

Learn About Groundhogs

Learn About Groundhog

This is not a children’s book – to read to young children.  Older children, on the other hand, could learn many things about this  semi-well known animal if all they know about groundhogs is surrounding Groundhog Day.

Hunters who are looking for books about hunting may appreciate this book.  It can help them teach several things about hunting to their children:  the need to be a better shot, the need to plan the shot and the need to know your prey.

Please tell others about this book in celebration of Groundhog Day.  This is the type of “press” that groundhogs should get.  Thanks !