Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

On this page you can download the coloring pages that go with each story.  Your children can color the same pictures that are in the story.

Each child can have their own 3 ring binder filled with clear plastic envelopes to keep and display  all their coloring pages.  Sometimes the coloring pages will be included in the story itself.  But, we will always have the complete set of them here.  Feel free to trace any others  that we have not included.

Since we have our first in the series books,   Here, Kitty, Kitty  and  My First Kitty  on Kindle for sale as ebooks, you will need to download the coloring pages here.
Click    Kitty Coloring Pages.    There is a twist in this story, so to keep that twist as a surprise,  not showing the children all of the coloring pictures before reading the story.

Harry Coloring Pages.  This was the first book in the series that we wrote in 2010.  So it has a greater number of coloring pages.

Blueberry Coloring Pages.  These are the two free books to help you determine which book your family would enjoy, or if you want to buy both the younger and older versions together.

Bicycle Coloring Pages.  This will be the next book that we publish.  Join our Newsletter or Membership to get notice of its availability.