Bicycle Ride

Bicycle Ride

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This story involves Jack and his friend Jonas deciding to “borrow” the town’s delivery bicycle for a little ride just down the street.  The town was only four blocks long.  Down and back… simple, right?  Read about the consequences they had to pay and see what you would like to teach your children from this adventure.  As always, there are Notes with each book to give you helps with the story.

The Town's Delivery Bicycle

The Town’s Delivery Bicycle

A delivery bike has a very large basket and a corresponding small front tire.  The rear tire remained the normal size for normal peddling.  This particular bike delivered goods from the Trading Store, prescriptions from the Drug Store and also packages from the Post Office.

This story includes the use and responsibility of handling guns.  It is not the wild west, but it is a part of wilderness living for two young boys.

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