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Reading to Children

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Reading to Children

Reading to children is the simple way we help our children grow in literacy.

story time with grandpa

We read to children for their pleasure or ours.  Or, we want them to learn something about history, a person or countless other things.  We may not have realized how reading to them improves their literacy.  Look at the list below and maybe be amazed at what is potentially accomplished by so simple a task.

  • In the picture above you can see a relationship being developed between the reader and the listeners.
  • The children hear new words and how to pronounce them.  Vocabulary is increased if you take the time to define new words.
  • The children hear phrasing, and that adds to their communication skills.  They learn how to read outloud to others.
  • They develop a love of books, reading and learning.  Don’t you wonder what book Grandpa is reading to such an enthusiastic group of children?
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